Overcoming the After Hours Challenge

Published on Feb-26-2024

For auto dealerships, the challenge of managing after-hours calls is all too familiar. The reality is, business does not stop at 5 PM. The difference in being able to make a deal after hours is a happy customer in your car versus the cost of missed opportunity. Missing calls means missing potential sales. The solution? Ensuring your dealership captures every lead, 24/7.

Introducing a Solution — Pam

Pam, an AI-powered Customer Service Representative, ensures that your dealership never misses a call again. Operating 24/7, Pam handles inquiries, schedules appointments, and provides information on inventory, all without human intervention.

Features That Make a Difference

Pam's ability to manage after-hours calls ensures that customer inquiries are not just answered, but managed effectively, guiding customers through their queries and towards booking appointments or seeking further information during operating hours.

The Competitive Advantage

Pam gives your dealership a distinct advantage by capturing leads others miss. It's not just about being available; it's about actively engaging potential customers at their convenience, showcasing your dealership's commitment to customer service excellence.

Put it Short

The after-hours challenge is an opportunity in disguise. By leveraging AI solutions like Pam, auto dealerships transform this challenge into a competitive advantage, ensuring every customer call is an opportunity for growth. Embrace the future of auto dealership customer service with Pam and turn after-hours into captured value.